By Lydia Krupinski


Need some sustainable mailing supplies, but tired of shelling out the dough? If you answered yes, then we have a simple DIY project that will show you how to make large mailing envelopes out of empty cereal boxes!

Just follow the steps below!

cereal-1Step 1:     Flatten out your cereal box

cereal-2Step 2:     Cut across one crease of the box.

cereal-3Step 3: Flip the box inside out.

cereal-4Step 4: Cut off all flaps but one.

cereal-5Step 5: Make two diagonal cuts on each side of the remaining flap.


Step 6: Using a zig-zag stitch sew around the box, leaving an opening beneath the flap. If you don’t have a sewing machine, use a clear packing tape.


You can decorate the outside of your  mailing envelope with stencils, stamps, or a collage. Then, all you need to do is fill it, stick some stamps on it, and send it on it’s way!