By Lydia Krupinski

Things have been booming for my eco-biz Pierogi Picnic. I am nearing my 100th sale, have merchandise in four stores throughout the country, have been featured on numerous sites, magazines and even in Chicago’s own New City. But nothing feels quite as satisfying as being accepted as a member of Team Eco Etsy.

memorial day 1Joining this active and blossoming Etsy group is like receiving LEED certification for a business or building. It opens the doors for personal and professional development while connecting me with an international community that is dedicated to sustainability and conscientious living.  

So it will come as no surprise if you notice a pattern in the upcoming interviews we have planned here on Sprout. Many of the individuals you will reading about will be local Eco Etsy members who have taken their personal passions and transformed them into financially and ecologically sustainable businesses. I hope these discoveries leave you feeling inspired! And as always, if there’s a green biz you would like us to feature, please e-mail us at