By Lydia Krupinski


I have a confession: I’m not as diligent with my hygiene routine as I should be. I’m not talking no-poo, hippy, funk gunk level neglect…at least, not yet.


In contrast, my hubby David is the ultimate neat freak. He has taught me the art of the nail brush,  restrained nose blowing,  polite mouth wiping, and yes…the dreaded daily ritual of tooth brushing.

My common excuse for the liberal treatment of this habit has always been: “But honey, I don’t want to waste the water, or the toothpaste, and wear down the brush’s bristles! I’ll have to throw this one away, buy a new one, and contribute to the cradle to grave cycle.” As eloquently as I put it however, he never buys one second of my nonsense.

preserve_toothbrushLucky for David (and my dentist), companies like Preserve have taken action to reduce, reuse, and recycle personal hygiene products like toothbrushes. Preserve’s are made out of recycled yogurt cups, ergonomically designed, stylish, and inexpensive.

And if that’s not enough, when you purchase your Preserve Toothbrush from stores like Green Sky in Andersonville, they’ll provide you with a postage paid envelope to send back your old tooth scrubbers! You can also download the pre-paid mailer straight off Preserve’s website.

So if that’s not enough to get you brushing…I don’t know what is.

So no more excuses! Get out there and scrub, rinse, recycle and repeat!