by Lydia Krupinski

SANY0051August is an epic month for David and me. What was originally planned as a leisurely roadtrip West has become an exploratory extravaganza! We knew from the beginning that we’d be hitting up Portland and San Francisco…but the list has grown substantially since our early planning.

Here is our current camping itinerary: Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, Seattle, Portland, Redwood National Forest, drive down  Highway 5 on the California coast to San Francisco, Yosemite…and that’s as far as we’ve gone.

So why am I telling you this? David and I would love your suggestions on what to explore as we head West. We’ve been receiving some great ideasfrom friends and family, but we would love to hear from you! Specifically, we need ideas on where to go from Yosemite. Our trip is 16 days in length, so get out your idea caps and shoot us some comments! We’ll be photo journaling our trip and sharing it with you along the way!