By Irena Djuric

Is it possible to suffer from aphrodisiac overload?

Tonight, nothing – not even the raging snowstorm outside – could stop the lovers who trudged to Wicker Park’s Greenheart Shop to find out.

The “Cooking for Love” workshop, hosted by Alee Hoffman and Erin Dunscomb of Dynamic Duo Wellness, revealed the love-boosting properties of foods ranging from cacao to cayenne, avocados to pumpkin seeds. (Note: pumpkin seeds, according to the pair, are nature’s “sexiest seeds.”)

They laced a two-hour cooking session with the science and lore behind top aphrodisiacs, chattering pleasantly with the audience and whipping up two delicious cocktail-worthy recipes sure to get your sweetheart’s blood pumping.

The first, a no-cook chocolate truffle, was a snap to put together and tasted like love itself. Interested? Toss the following into a blender, scoop into balls, and freeze for about 20 minutes:

  • Cacao (known to arouse sexual interest in women)
  • Cayenne (gives you a rosy glow by increasing blood flow)
  • Coconut Oil (lubricates the skin and sex organs)
  • Cherries (stimulate pheromone production)

For the exact recipe, send a quick note to However, the magic is not so much in the recipe as in following your heart and taste buds to come up with the right consistency and combination of flavors. Alee, in a dash of last-minute inspiration, splashed in some red wine. It can’t hurt, right?

The pair also walked us through the perfect dip recipe to complement those love-inducing champions of the vegetable circuit, artichokes and celery!

Artichokes, according to Alee, are the ultimate aphrodisiac. How could they not be, with all of those sexy layers you have to slowly peel off before getting to the good stuff? Celery, surprisingly, stimulates sexual arousal in men.

The dip to accompany these two saucy veggies was made by blending:

  • Arugula (balances sexual hormones)
  • Pumpkin seeds (strengthen testosterone and semen production in men, increase ladies’ lubrication)
  • Avocado (favored by the Aztecs for its mythical sexual powers)
  • Olive oil (key to supple skin and shiny hair)
  • A dash of lemon and lime juices, freshly squirted

With a sprinkling of a special spice blend from the Greenheart Shop, the dip was whirled together in the processor and served to the crowd. The color, a vibrant green, looked beautiful on the plate.

The attendees at the shop tonight lingered long enough for pleasant, friendly chit-chat at the end of the workshop but left shortly thereafter – presumably to test out the benefits of the night’s culinary concoctions on significant others before the effects wore off.

Alee and Erin will be hosting more classes at Greenheart in the upcoming weeks. Visit their website or check out the Greenheart events schedule for more information.

Happy loving, and happy eating!