by Lydia Krupinski

I’m not one for supporting any holiday that encourages consumerism or pressured spending…but I am always looking for a great excuse to go out for a romantic dinner. So when David and I were deciding on a venue for feasting this weekend, we jumped at the chance to give the new Karyn’s on Green a try.

This serene vegan restaurant is nestled on the border of Greektown and the West Loop gallery district. Its hideaway location made our excursion that much more of a treat. We arrived on Saturday night, just in time to meet our reservation, and were quickly wooed by the friendly staff. Boasting a main dining hall, lofted party room, and food bar, Karyn’s is not just an elegant foodie escape, but also a versatile spot for casual dining.

Upon arrival we were seated near the front of the restaurant, right next to the cascading wall-mounted water fountain that cast a warm glow on our table. David and I were thrilled by the diversity of the menu, and the reasonable prices. We ordered a mixture of small and large plates, which included the brisket basket, “crab” cakes, “chicken” wings, and Shepard’s pie. The taste and textures of these traditional comfort foods blew our minds. They were hearty, yet light. Each ingredient tasted fresh, and the flavors complimented one another beautifully. There was no funky “I’m trying hard to make this vegan mush fantastic” aftertaste. Each bite we took was an absolute sensation.

For the holiday weekend, Karyn’s on Green is also offering a special couples menu that includes a complimentary bottle of champagne. If you’re looking for a great Valentine’s alternative, or if you’re looking to impress that special eco-vert in your life, head here for a tranquil and ethical dining experience.