by Lydia Krupinski

It may not come as too much of a surprise that I heart thrift stores! The ultimate one stop shop for all things vintage, bold, and kooky. And when you”re looking to tread lightly on the planet – thrifting can be a great eco-alternative to buying brand spankin’ new products.

With this in mind I am starting a new series on Sprout that will feature my latest thrift shop scores. I love nothing more than to share new discoveries with like-minded folk – so I hope that you find these lil’ bits inspire you to go out and dig up your own treasures!

Plunder #1:

Village Discount Outlet

4898 N. Clark Street in Andersonville/Uptown

The Score:

1970s Vintage Sunglasses – so chic $1.60

Adorable Wooden Seagull Brooch $1.60

Nautical Striped Cotton Skirt  $3.20

“V is for Vegetarian” Cotton Tee $1.90

Rustic Wooden Skeleton Key Rack $5.00

Down on the Farm Chicken Wire Basket $2.00

Children’s Picture Word Book from 1947 $8.00

Favorite Find:

Our Plundered Planet by Fairfield Osborn from 1948 $4.00

Inside Jacket: “This book – which has aroused quite extraordinary interest in America – demonstrates brilliantly and unsparingly that we are following a course which one day may render our good earth as dead as the moon. It contains unmistakable evidence that a continued defiance of nature threatens even the survival of mankind.”

An early warning cry for environmental conservation in the United States. I am really looking forward to reading this incredible find!

Total Spent: $28.99 with tax