By Lydia Krupinski

Fall is here and with it dipping temperatures that make my already dry as a bone skin suffer with dehydration. Having worked in the cosmetic industry in the not-so-distant past I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs with skin care products. There was the heavenly but expensive creams by LUSH, the wha-wha inefficacy of La Mer, my biannual addiction to Philosophy, and the remaining smattering of products which included Aveeno, Burt’s Bees, Dr. Hauschka and more.

Since I am fearless when it comes to trying new products I’ve decided to go on a hunt for an eco and health friendly affordable moisturizer that will hydrate me through the fall and winter and last until the end of spring. Criteria that I have in place: It must be a cream. Nearing 30 I’ve tried and tested lotions and they just don’t cut it with my psoriasis eczema prone skin. I want something rich – not quite like butter but not as thin as yogurt. The other consideration is smell. I can’t stand any over-fragranced body care – no matter how organic – if it smells like roses you can bet I’ll be chucking it.

The first step in ‘the hunt’ is narrowing down my group of products for field testing. To do this effectively I’ve employed the help of an incredible website called Skin Deep: The Cosmetic Safety Database. This incredible organization scopes out all over-the-counter cosmetic and hygiene products and rates them based on safety and ingredients. The result – a comprehensive guide which exposes how damaging your Anti-Damage Lancome Face Cream really is.

Using the advanced search tool I can narrow down my results by clicking on boxes ranging from “made by a brand that has signed the Compact for Safe Cosmetics” to “excludes products that have cancer concerns.” I click on “made with some organically grown ingredients,” “Don’t test their products on animals,” and “exclude the following concerns” by checking cancer, endocrine disruption, etc.

Because familiarity breeds confidence, I sift through the list that has been generated and jot down the following products:

21. Coastal Classic Creations Ocean View Cocoa Butter Balm
37. Welstar Calendula cream
47. Hollybeth’s Natural Luxury Rose Geranium Face Moisturizer
101. Jason Natural Cosmetics Pure Beauty Oil – ALOE VERA
220. Karen’s Botanicals Enriching Rosehip Night Cream
287. Jiade Organic Cosmetics Truly Organic Moisturizer for Mature Skin
307. Badger Healing Balm, USDA Certified Organic
401. Perfect Organics Perfection Cream
409. Karen’s Botanicals Calendula Rose Facial Cream

So now that I have a list of products to check out in person – the great hunt shall begin! I will be sure to report my finding to you soon – so stay tuned!!! If you have any suggestions for products to try please leave a comment below.