If you’re looking to try a vegan lifestyle, there is no time better than the present as World Vegan Week commences on Sunday. In addition to promoting the lifestyle itself, Chicago’s version of Vegan Week also challenges local restaurants to add vegan options to their traditional meat-centric menus.

Show your support for businesses who have chosen to take a step in a compassionate direction by visiting the locations below between October 24th and 31st. Thanks to local non-profit Mercy for Animals for putting this list together! Also – don’t forget to gorge on the delicious foods at some of Chicago’s finest vegetarian and vegan haunts that stay meat free year round! Visit our links page here for our favorites.

New York Deli
2921 N. Clark St.
(773) 549-3328

A vegan chicken-parm sandwich, available all week.

Chicago animal rights organization MFA will be dining at this location  Monday, Oct 25 at 7pm.

Clark St Dog
3040 N. Clark St.
(773) 281-6690

Classic vegan hot dog with all the fixins, available all week.

Ian’s Pizza
3463 N. Clark St.
(773) 525-4580

Will be introducing the specialty Spicy Seitan Taco pizza pie, offered by-the-slice all week.

Drew’s Eatery
2207 W. Montrose Ave.
(773) 463-7397

Entire restaurant is going completely vegan on Saturday, Oct 30! Will offer vegan hot dogs, sausage dogs, ice cream, desserts, soups and more.