Sprout Chicago is a fresh addition to Chicago’s sprouting green scene. A collaboration between local ecoverts, Sprout Chicago takes you into the heart of good and green life in Chicago.

Sprout Chicago is dedicated to featuring people and businesses that have taken genuine strides towards ethical living. We believe that living sustainably means respecting not only the planet, but also its inhabitants, young, old, rich, poor, big, small, breathing and growing. We want to provide a fresh perspective that’s contemporary but grounded in practicality. You won’t find any green-washing here – just a down-to-earth authentic attempt to bring you the very best of urban green living advice.

Within these digital pages you will find the latest news on everything from national politics and science, to local events and interviews. We bring you green-it-yourself tutorials, eco-reviews, local business features, and insights into enviro-activism from around the community. We also share our personal challenges and reflections as we discover how to live a low-impact lifestyle with a high-impact influence.