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If you manage to get a head start on your taxes, and have the weekend of April 16th to get out of the house, then consider hitting up the urban-focused Green Metropolis Fair at the Irish Heritage Museum! This fest celebrating sustainability and city living will feature screenings of the films Dirt! The Movie and Vanishing of the Bees. In addition, a promising lineup of local vendors, including our pals Green Genes and Fair Earth, will be there promoting their goods and organizations.

It’s the perfect way to celebrate Earth Day and Chicago!

What: Green Metropolis Fair

When: Saturday, April 16th 10am-4pm

Where: 4626 N. Knox, Chicago

Cost: Free! But canned food donation recommended.

By Lydia Krupinski

I have always been an avid reader…of non-fiction that is. Unless it’s a classic, you’re unlikely to catch me with a book that does not revolve around sociology, food, theology, or science. I admit unabashedly that it’s the geek in me.

green metropolis

So for some time now I’ve been wanting to feature book reviews regularly on Sprout Chicago. The summer was filled with wonderful distractions and trips, so this intention had to be put on hold.

And then out of the blue, like providence, I received an   e-mail asking if Sprout Chicago would like to receive an advance copy of David Owen’s book “Green Metropolis.” How could I refuse?

So here is a little teaser for all you Sprout fans…the review is coming. I’m pouring through the pages thoughtfully and am eager to share my insights and discoveries…so stay tuned!


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