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The holidays are just two short weeks away! And if you’re scurrying to collect last-minute gifts, you’re in the right place! Over the next few days we will be sharing shopping lists curated by people straight from the community.

The first list was created by Kelli Weber, a super duper filmmaker who spends her days working at DraftFCB and her nights blogging and cuddling with her four adorable felines. We couldn’t think of anyone better to come up with a gift guide for pets! Here are Kelli’s finds:

1) Handmade Snowman Dog Sweater by My Fabulous Puppy

2) Pet Popcorn by Wizard at Work

3) Mini Christmas Dog Donuts by Judy & Lainey

4) Christmas Catnip Mice by Crochet Kitty

5) Green Gift Set by The Leash We Can Do


by Mira Kolodkin

Madison: A lovely city with a perfect combination of urbanity and nature, wine and beer, brats and vegan soup.  The only place I’ve ever been where you can tell after 20 minutes that this is a blue smidgeon on a very red state map.  Liberal idealism stemming from angry memories of lives spent in more conservative outskirts.  People who want to get away, but not so far away that cheese curds are no longer readily available.  Welcome to Madison!!! Let us get started on your tour.

Photo by Boulevard Bikes

In the summer, people bike.  In the winter, it’s very cold, but people bike anyway.  If you’re not in Portland, the next best place to bike is Madison, Wisconsin.  Every place that I mention on this tour is located within a block of either easily traversable bike paths, or well-defined bike paths on major streets.  The drivers hate you, but you don’t care, because you’re on a bike and hitting you would be very expensive for them. Read the rest of this entry »

Upcycled Mustache Crayons by Chase Dreams

Cardboard Design Rocket from Green Genes

Ready, Set, Grow! at the Garfield Conservatory

Ready Set Robot Lunch Bag by Julie Meyer

Indoor Gardening Kit by Green Toys Inc.

Recycled Christmas Dress by Little Overcoat

Organic Seahorse Bib by Kunkle Baby

Wooden Acorn Teether by Imagination Kids

WaWa Wool Shoes by LaLa Shoes

Birch Yo Yo by Suddenly It's Real

Organic Fleece Blanket from Little Merry Fellows

DIY Eco Bird Feeder Project from Green Living

Recycled Glass Ware by Bodhicitta

Recycled Art Object by LayerbyLayer

Locally Roasted Coffee from Metropolis

Fair Trade Kenyan Scarf from Fair Earth

Recycled Newspaper Wallet at Green Heart

Save the Rainforests Gift Donation

Gift Certificate to the Chicago Diner

Bamboo "Peace" Tee from Skinstinct

Dark Chocolate Truffles from Vintage Confections

America the Beautiful National Parks Pass

Upcycled CD Rack by FromMarz

Mix Tape Pouch by Good Karma

The time is 9:33PM, and we are sitting in one of our favorite Chicago coffee houses, plotting this week’s Sprout debut. Watch for a tasty restaurant review, a snapshot of the most fashionable re-usable grocery bags, and in-depth reporting on where exactly Chicago’s junk goes. But for now, we serve the sproutiest of appetizers as Lydia gets her shears out in a crafty clip. Find it under How-Tos and enjoy!

-Irena and Lydia


Pierogi Picnic

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