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November is here! My birthday month arrives with a crisp chill in the air and my favorite holiday in the distance. November also marks the ‘official’ or maybe unofficial beginning of the holiday season. So to give you a head start on things happening in Chi Town this month, we’ve compiled some of our favorite suggestions for what to do with your schedule before it goes totally mad!

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Written by Irena Djuric

On Earth Day Lydia, David, and I basked in the presence of Jean-Michel Cousteau, son of the ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau. In “The Other 70%: Understanding Underwater Ecosystems,” Cousteau touched on many ocean tragedies, some which we are already aware of, like the plastic soup in the Pacific and the devastating introduction of toxic chemicals into the food chain. But two phrases he used throughout his presentation at Northwestern got me thinking:

Planet Ocean.

If an astronaut had been looking down on the Earth at the time it was named, he would have seen a world of waters – with a tiny fraction of landmass hugged by the seascape. This little landmass is earth, and the name of our planet. But, Costau says, it would more aptly be named Planet Ocean. Read the rest of this entry »


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