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by David Paul Downs

Earth Day raises awareness about the environment. It gives us all a chance to reflect on the damage we have already done, and encourages us to think of solutions to the scars.

In the third grade classroom at the school where I teach, Earth Day is popular though sometimes overshadowed by
“Swimming Pool Day”. The halls are filled with useful tips on how students can affect change. In this day and age, kids are used to recycling everything they can and some are even familiar with composting.

Despite this, when questioned on the idea of a “carbon-footprint” you will receive blank stares and shoulder shrugs. This is usually a term reserved for adults who think it wrong to hold their children responsible for their family’s mark on the planet. But when it comes to educating children to use natural resources responsibly, no age is too young!

As a simple introduction to conservation, my co-teacher came up with a great idea: ask the students to name something they did that day that was not Earth-friendly. Then each student was asked to come up with solutions to improve on their shortcomings. Here are some of their answers and really simple solutions: Read the rest of this entry »

Upcycled Mustache Crayons by Chase Dreams

Cardboard Design Rocket from Green Genes

Ready, Set, Grow! at the Garfield Conservatory

Ready Set Robot Lunch Bag by Julie Meyer

Indoor Gardening Kit by Green Toys Inc.

Recycled Christmas Dress by Little Overcoat

Organic Seahorse Bib by Kunkle Baby

Wooden Acorn Teether by Imagination Kids

WaWa Wool Shoes by LaLa Shoes

Birch Yo Yo by Suddenly It's Real

Organic Fleece Blanket from Little Merry Fellows

DIY Eco Bird Feeder Project from Green Living


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