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By Lydia Krupinski

Fall is here and with it dipping temperatures that make my already dry as a bone skin suffer with dehydration. Having worked in the cosmetic industry in the not-so-distant past I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs with skin care products. There was the heavenly but expensive creams by LUSH, the wha-wha inefficacy of La Mer, my biannual addiction to Philosophy, and the remaining smattering of products which included Aveeno, Burt’s Bees, Dr. Hauschka and more.

Since I am fearless when it comes to trying new products I’ve decided to go on a hunt for an eco and health friendly affordable moisturizer that will hydrate me through the fall and winter and last until the end of spring. Criteria that I have in place: It must be a cream. Nearing 30 I’ve tried and tested lotions and they just don’t cut it with my psoriasis eczema prone skin. I want something rich – not quite like butter but not as thin as yogurt. The other consideration is smell. I can’t stand any over-fragranced body care – no matter how organic – if it smells like roses you can bet I’ll be chucking it. Read the rest of this entry »

by Lydia Krupinski

Why in the world would I share this trade secret with you? Simple. Making clothing out of abandoned garments is not only easy, but a great way to add a personal  touch to your wardrobe, and FUN! This is a basic design that you’ll see throughout my Etsy site Pierogi Picnic, and one that can be catered to anyone’s tastes. So pull out those thrift tees and get cutting!

The time is 9:33PM, and we are sitting in one of our favorite Chicago coffee houses, plotting this week’s Sprout debut. Watch for a tasty restaurant review, a snapshot of the most fashionable re-usable grocery bags, and in-depth reporting on where exactly Chicago’s junk goes. But for now, we serve the sproutiest of appetizers as Lydia gets her shears out in a crafty clip. Find it under How-Tos and enjoy!

-Irena and Lydia


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