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posted by Lydia Krupinski

I love Argo Tea. A local company dedicated to bringing yummy tea concoctions of all varieties to the streets of Chicago – brilliant! But now I love Argo even more! While doing some shopping at Whole Foods a month ago I stumbled upon their line of new to-go blends. What could be better than stocking up on my favorite flavors like “Mojitea” and “Charitea?” Getting to reuse the beautiful packaging!

Rather than using plastic, the new line collects each brew in a lovely ergonomically correct glass bottle. That means that once I’m done sipping my tea I can wash and reuse the bottle! Check out this new product next time you’re out running errands and you’ll be able to take all the cocoa you can handle out with you in the cold.

Vintage Swizzle Sticks from SunnyDayVintage

by Sunny from SunnyDayVintage

I’m an estate-sale fanatic – not only when I’m searching for vintage goods for my Etsy shop, but also because I’m fascinated by the homes they’re held in.

What is it? An estate sale is a whole-house sale of furniture, furnishings and household goods, usually held over a weekend, when a person passes away or goes into assisted living. There are companies that handle estate sales as a full-time business, cleaning, sorting, organizing and running the sale. Read the rest of this entry »

by Lydia Krupinski

I feel somewhat ashamed for having kept this new innovation to ourselves: Over a month ago David and I concocted our very own germination stations to jump start our edible garden. I admit that I shared some of these photos on my Facebook – but never got around to posting them here. Please forgive me.

The two of us wanted to build something that would not deface our vintage rental, while remaining as effective as any fancy greenhouse. We also wanted to incorporate as many upcycled materials as possible. We set up shop in the two rooms that contained the most light for the longest period of time: the bathroom and the bedroom. I focused on the first, David on the latter. Read the rest of this entry »


Pierogi Picnic

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