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posted by Lydia Krupinski

I love Argo Tea. A local company dedicated to bringing yummy tea concoctions of all varieties to the streets of Chicago – brilliant! But now I love Argo even more! While doing some shopping at Whole Foods a month ago I stumbled upon their line of new to-go blends. What could be better than stocking up on my favorite flavors like “Mojitea” and “Charitea?” Getting to reuse the beautiful packaging!

Rather than using plastic, the new line collects each brew in a lovely ergonomically correct glass bottle. That means that once I’m done sipping my tea I can wash and reuse the bottle! Check out this new product next time you’re out running errands and you’ll be able to take all the cocoa you can handle out with you in the cold.


Vintage Swizzle Sticks from SunnyDayVintage

by Sunny from SunnyDayVintage

I’m an estate-sale fanatic – not only when I’m searching for vintage goods for my Etsy shop, but also because I’m fascinated by the homes they’re held in.

What is it? An estate sale is a whole-house sale of furniture, furnishings and household goods, usually held over a weekend, when a person passes away or goes into assisted living. There are companies that handle estate sales as a full-time business, cleaning, sorting, organizing and running the sale. Read the rest of this entry »

By Lydia Krupinski

If you’re anything like me you’ve procrastinated with writing your New Year’s Resolutions for 2011. Seeing that we’re still in the first few days of the year I think there is no shame in getting them in a tad late. Perhaps this can be a resolution in and of itself!

To help you come up with at least one eco-minded goal for the New Year we’ve compiled the following suggestions: Read the rest of this entry »

If you’ve run out of time to shop for that special someone this holiday season – and don’t dare go out in the blizzardy snow – then make this year’s gifts DIY. There’s tons of things you can put together last minute for someone who will appreciate time, effort, and creativity much more than a purchased good.

Read the rest of this entry »

by Lydia Krupinski

It may not come as too much of a surprise that I heart thrift stores! The ultimate one stop shop for all things vintage, bold, and kooky. And when you”re looking to tread lightly on the planet – thrifting can be a great eco-alternative to buying brand spankin’ new products.

With this in mind I am starting a new series on Sprout that will feature my latest thrift shop scores. I love nothing more than to share new discoveries with like-minded folk – so I hope that you find these lil’ bits inspire you to go out and dig up your own treasures!

Plunder #1:

Village Discount Outlet

4898 N. Clark Street in Andersonville/Uptown

The Score:

1970s Vintage Sunglasses – so chic $1.60

Adorable Wooden Seagull Brooch $1.60

Nautical Striped Cotton Skirt  $3.20

“V is for Vegetarian” Cotton Tee $1.90

Rustic Wooden Skeleton Key Rack $5.00

Down on the Farm Chicken Wire Basket $2.00

Children’s Picture Word Book from 1947 $8.00

Favorite Find:

Our Plundered Planet by Fairfield Osborn from 1948 $4.00

Inside Jacket: “This book – which has aroused quite extraordinary interest in America – demonstrates brilliantly and unsparingly that we are following a course which one day may render our good earth as dead as the moon. It contains unmistakable evidence that a continued defiance of nature threatens even the survival of mankind.”

An early warning cry for environmental conservation in the United States. I am really looking forward to reading this incredible find!

Total Spent: $28.99 with tax

by Lydia Krupinski

Why in the world would I share this trade secret with you? Simple. Making clothing out of abandoned garments is not only easy, but a great way to add a personal  touch to your wardrobe, and FUN! This is a basic design that you’ll see throughout my Etsy site Pierogi Picnic, and one that can be catered to anyone’s tastes. So pull out those thrift tees and get cutting!


Pierogi Picnic

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