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Alderman Joe Moreno of the first ward is sponsoring a piece of legislation that would push Chicago into a greener era: a ban on plastic bags. The ordinance proposes that big box retailers, ala Target, K-Mart, Walmart, etc., would no longer be allowed to distribute the ‘white plague’ as it’s called abroad. Under the new rule, large retailers would be required to provide reusable or biodegrable bags for their customers.

According to RUB (Reusable Bags Chicago), “Every year, over a trillion plastic bags and 10 billion paper bags are used in the United States. This equals to over 12 billion barrels of oil used to produce a product that only gets recycled 1 in a 100 times.” Enabling a complete ban for all stores may not be an easy task at first. But if enough residents show their support – who knows what can happen! To have your voice heard sign the RUB petition today and lets move towards a healthier and more sustainable future for our metropolis.


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