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by David Paul Downs

Earth Day raises awareness about the environment. It gives us all a chance to reflect on the damage we have already done, and encourages us to think of solutions to the scars.

In the third grade classroom at the school where I teach, Earth Day is popular though sometimes overshadowed by
“Swimming Pool Day”. The halls are filled with useful tips on how students can affect change. In this day and age, kids are used to recycling everything they can and some are even familiar with composting.

Despite this, when questioned on the idea of a “carbon-footprint” you will receive blank stares and shoulder shrugs. This is usually a term reserved for adults who think it wrong to hold their children responsible for their family’s mark on the planet. But when it comes to educating children to use natural resources responsibly, no age is too young!

As a simple introduction to conservation, my co-teacher came up with a great idea: ask the students to name something they did that day that was not Earth-friendly. Then each student was asked to come up with solutions to improve on their shortcomings. Here are some of their answers and really simple solutions: Read the rest of this entry »

We know that this is like preaching to the choir – but we just love Annie’s short videos! They’re simple, informative, fun to watch, and easy to share with friends and family.

Love this short but concise article from Discovery’s Planet Green website that discusses the 6 (not 3) Rs of living a greener life. Take a peek and make your own list of ways to green this year, decade, and beyond!

From the people who brought you “The Story of Stuff,” here’s their latest video explaining the latest proposition to “combat” climate change. Elegant, clear, and straight to the point.

By Lydia Krupinski

I have always been an avid reader…of non-fiction that is. Unless it’s a classic, you’re unlikely to catch me with a book that does not revolve around sociology, food, theology, or science. I admit unabashedly that it’s the geek in me.

green metropolis

So for some time now I’ve been wanting to feature book reviews regularly on Sprout Chicago. The summer was filled with wonderful distractions and trips, so this intention had to be put on hold.

And then out of the blue, like providence, I received an   e-mail asking if Sprout Chicago would like to receive an advance copy of David Owen’s book “Green Metropolis.” How could I refuse?

So here is a little teaser for all you Sprout fans…the review is coming. I’m pouring through the pages thoughtfully and am eager to share my insights and discoveries…so stay tuned!

Don’t make any plans for this Thursday night! Mindful Metropolis is hosting a screening of “Fresh,” a documentary that looks into the failure of our industrial agricultural system, and what people are doing to change it.

What: Screening of “Fresh”

When: Thursday September 24th, 2009 at 6pm

Where: 1925 W Thome, Chicago, IL

To purchase tickets visit Mindful Metropolis here. You can also learn more about the film and its makers on their website.


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